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Why do AirPods run out of battery on each side like a pair of chopsticks?

# **Why do AirPods run out of battery on each side like a pair of chopsticks?** **Headphones with 2 units but one “lives” and one runs out of battery is no different from “cluck” sandals, easy to get angry for users!** There is a “disease” on pairs of AirPods in particular and completely wireless headphones in general: Not always the two sides of the headset have the same duration of use, leading to a situation One side runs out of battery before the other side. This is an annoying error, because now the battery life of the whole pair of headphones depends on the battery that runs out first, affecting the daily experience. First, this error may originate from the fact that one side of the headset is not charged when put in the box. AirPods or any headset have contacts on each side of the headset to receive power from the charging box, and when this contact is dirty, the headset will not charge! This problem can be solved simply: You use tissue or earrings to wipe the contacts in the charging box and on the headset, along with avoiding taking the headset to humid, salted places – will oxidize this part. With AirPods, there will be one party responsible for calling and communicating with the virtual assistant Siri, and it is this headset that will use more battery because it has to constantly activate the microphone. In addition, when using headphones and someone else is talking, people will have the habit of taking one out and letting the other party continue to play music. These two factors combined will cause one side of the headset to run out of battery faster, and even have long-term harm because when placed in the box on the side of the headset, the battery will be charged more times, causing a “bottle” of the battery. affect capacity in the long run. To fix it, you can change your usage habits by switching back and forth between the headsets that communicate with Siri in the settings of your iPhone, and every time you remove the headset to talk, when you remove the left ear, when you remove the earphone. Right. And if you feel like doing this is annoying, don’t worry too much. When the battery of AirPods is too weak (usually about 1-2 years), you can go to reputable dealers to replace the new battery. The price we refer to is from 300,000 – 400,000 VND for both sides of the headset, and 350,000 – 1,250,000 VND for the charging box depending on the version.



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