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Why do young people no longer like to buy iPhone?

# **Why are young people no longer interested in buying iPhones?** **Chinese young people are said to no longer care much about iPhones, and this may surprise many people.** In the first quarter of 2023, revenue from iPhone was $ 65.775 billion, down 8% from $ 71.628 billion in the same period last year. Additionally, Apple’s net sales in China were $23.905 billion. Compared to $25.783 billion in the same period last year, this is a decrease of 7%. Explaining this decline, an economist from Nanchang University (China) said, whether it’s the iPhone 14, 14 Pro or 14 Pro Max, compared to the goods of other competitors in the market, Its competitive advantages (e.g. technology) are conspicuously gone. This expert shared: “As the successor of iPhone 13, iPhone 14 does not have many improvements, so the experience and consumer perception is not as good as previous models.” According to this analyst, the spending pattern of young Chinese has changed, there are indeed cases where young people are not interested in buying iPhones. This is related to a decrease in the desire to buy Apple phones among young people. One key aspect, he said, is that today’s youth, especially those born in the 2000s, have a different spending perspective than those born in the 1980s and 1990s. Basically, they have more down-to-earth buying habits, especially when they are in favor of some domestic brands, as opposed to those born in the 1960s and 1970s who worship foreign companies. According to a Nanchang University student, young people prefer mobile devices that favor social networking and app browsing features, while they also prioritize memory and cost-effectiveness. This person said that it is not necessary to spend money on an Apple phone because it is enough to buy many phones from other brands.



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