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Why does iPhone always hold a better price than other phones?

## **The reason the iPhone has a better resale price than other phones.** *Apple Insider* says iPhones are always reused in many ways. The machine can become a gift for friends, relatives or participate in the renewal program. Some customers choose to keep the device as a secondary device or save a bank account, backup OTP service. Part of the reason is explained through the research of CIRP company. Smartphones from Apple can retain their value in part because it supports years of software updates and security patches. In addition, durability itself is the leading reason. Battery and screen are the two most important factors in the continuous experience of a smartphone. According to the survey, 4/5 customers upgrade to a new iPhone while the screen of the old model is still in perfect condition or has scratches but still ensures good service. Only 6% of old iPhones have serious problems with this component, making it unusable. As for battery life, about 60% of users said that the old model still meets all-day use or is close to enough. About 15% of customers complain that this reduces capacity quickly, only working for a few hours. According to a CIRP report, the battery life of older Android devices is better than iPhones, at 67%. This is quite understandable when many older iPhone models, with small screens, have batteries with a capacity of less than 2,000 mAh, which are easy to lose after a long time of operation. Meanwhile, the average level of Android smartphones is 3,000-4,000 mAh. Apple has gradually improved the battery life of its devices over the years. One of the important solutions lies not in the battery but in the chip. The new Apple Silicon processors are built on a smaller process, reducing power consumption but improving performance. The new OLED display also uses less energy than traditional LCD panels, which need to be fully illuminated by LED backlighting. However, recently Apple has just increased the price of replacing batteries for its devices. The latest iPhone 14 series is still kept at $ 99. Meanwhile, older machines get an additional $20 in cost. For iPhones with a Home key, the amount to be paid is $69, $89 for the remaining models. In Vietnam, the ability to keep the iPhone’s price is being affected by the deeply discounted price policy of genuine dealers. The reduction of the iPhone 14 Pro Max model to the 27-28 million mark affects older Apple models. In addition, the fact that many devices have screen errors also make users wonder before deciding to buy used goods.



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