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Why don’t people want a small iPhone?

# **Why don’t people want small iPhones?** **Small iPhones are gradually being shunned by consumers in favor of larger sized products. This is for a number of reasons.** Apple devices and the industry as a whole now have long served more functions than they did 15 years ago because of the fact that they can do everything from Work to your favorite movies and even stay in touch with loved ones via video calls. In this sense, the large screen facilitates Internet browsing, reading text and gives the ability to display detailed images. Small screens are less accurate and harder to use, so users prefer larger phones, even if they sacrifice portability a bit. All of this is much more complicated to do with a small device that has a smaller screen, so people don’t see it as an attractive product because it doesn’t meet their current needs. Applications are also increasingly demanding larger screens, due to the fact that many people now use their mobile phones as a multi-use device that replaces other electronic devices such as digital cameras, cameras, and digital cameras. music player and GPS navigation system. Bigger, more powerful phones can better meet these needs by providing many features and capabilities that smaller, more compact phones can’t. Next is battery capacity – an important factor when choosing a large phone because small phones have less battery life. Smaller chassis means less battery, but also more limitations. So if users regularly use it, they may not have a long time to use it all day. With that, society is getting more and more productive and so any time is useful to reply to emails or edit photos professionally. In this sense, larger and more powerful phones allow users to multitask and be more efficient. Another compelling reason is that larger and more powerful devices offer increased storage and memory capacity, allowing users to store and access larger amounts of information. In short, as technology advances, so do users and even those who bought a small phone 10 years ago now no longer want such devices. The large phone is not a fad but to meet the user’s needs and different consumption habits according to the user’s daily requirements. Small phones are dead and large phones are still alive and well.



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