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Why iPhone 14 Pro version doesn’t have many colors

**Apple believes that the Pro series is only for high-end users, so colorful versions such as blue and purple are not necessary.** At the time the iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max was not released, Many rumors related to the new color of the device have surfaced, making many users expect. Previously, with the iPhone 12 Pro and 13 Pro series, the only special color version only included Sierra Blue, Pacific Blue. ## **The purple color of the iPhone 14 Pro is not impressive** But the reality makes users very disappointed. According to the experience of the Victoria Song pen *The Verge*, the purple color of the iPhone 14 Pro Max only appears when the light shines at the right angle, most of the time the back of the device is simply gray or green. “My phone is actually grayish blue and is just trying to mimic purple. Very disappointing,” she said disapprovingly. The tech pen tried to ignore the discomfort for a long time with this “half-lean half-fat” color and found a way to save it by buying a purple case and purple strap. Every time Apple launches a new product, Victoria often buys the Pro Max line to serve her work. The high-end camera part supports her in filming and taking photos of events that are not convenient to carry a camera. The ProRAW feature is also handy when editing and cutting videos. The large battery can fully last a long, busy day. However, the only problem is that Apple only equips unique colors for the low-cost line. Therefore, if she wants to buy a beautiful, bright iPhone, Victoria has to trade off the phone’s features. Not only with the iPhone, Apple also limits the colors on other products such as MacBook Pro, iPad Pro. Users only receive 2 versions of MacBook Pro, gray and silver. The difference between them is simply that one is gray, the other is a darker gray. Meanwhile, the MacBook Air has a yellow version, but in return the configuration parameters cannot meet advanced users. With iPad Pro, Apple also only offers gray or silver versions or users switch to lower lines such as iPad 10th generation, iPad Air 5th generation if they want more options. ## Apple’s prejudice Perhaps Apple is orienting Pro as a high-end line, so it will not equip colorful colors for this product line. This is a stereotype, that professionalism is always associated with deep tones such as gray, black, blue-black, while bright colors show an unprofessional and irresponsible attitude. However, the writer *The Verge* thinks that this is a harmful distinction. The company can completely produce colorful and colorful products before. For example, the iMac M1 surprised at the time of its launch with 7 different color options. Many users respond very positively to this approach of Apple because it is a very rare color choice in Apple’s history such as green, yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue. In fact, Apple is not the only technology company to limit the colors on its products. Previously, Google’s Pixel 7A used to have a coral blue version but only appeared on the basic and mid-range lines. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 series also has a similar situation with a unique silver purple version on the basic line, while the high-end Watch 5 Pro line only has 2 colors black and gray. According to writer Victoria Song, concluding that high-end products should not be colorful is a big mistake. Of course, not every device line has to have multiple versions because some people will need neutral colors like black, white or gray to show professionalism. But in certain industries, bright colors will show creativity and expertise such as fashion, design, art… *MIC* commented that Apple’s color limitation for the Pro line shows that they are. framed by professional stereotypes. The company believes that users cannot own a smartphone that is both unique and interesting, and can be professional and possess high-end features. Apple is forcing users into a situation where they have to choose between the two. MIC commented.



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