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Why iPhone apps are better than Android

## Manuel Vonau, a longtime blogger for *Android Police*, posted an article explaining why iPhone apps are still better than Android apps. According to the explanation, the main reason why the (iPhone app)( seems to have their advantage over their Android version is because there are fewer options on the market. People can see a lot of Android phones with different capabilities, processors, screens, cameras, etc. However, Apple only produces a handful of iPhone models to choose from. Although Apple has expanded the number of models, they are all high-end devices that can take advantage of the most demanding applications for years to come. Vonau admits the (Google apps)( is also better on iPhone . “Google Maps builds its routes on the fly, giving users a sense of movement. WhatsApp provides the right transitions when the user opens the keyboard or swipes to go back to all calls. chat. And YouTube provides rich, stretched animations when users move their phones to landscape mode,” Vonau wrote. Another point Vonau makes is that iOS gesture navigation has been the default since the iPhone X, while Android phones offer different methods. For example, depending on the phone, going back can be done with the back button, back gesture, or customization from the device manufacturer. Though Vonau doesn’t mention it, iPhone owners are more likely to pay for an app or in-app subscription than Android owners. Statista has a graph that shows how much people spend on (App Store)( ) and Google Play Store as well as how much they will pay in the future, with the difference noted to be huge. As a result, developers create better apps for iPhone users because more revenue will come to them, even with a larger Android user base.



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