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Why iPhone users give up cases and screen protectors?

# **Why iPhone users give up on cases and screen protectors?** **iPhones are more resistant to drops and scratches than ever, but that’s not why people give up cases backs and screen protectors.** iPhone owners have a habit of using cases and screen protectors. They use these add-ons to keep their expensive smartphones looking shiny, slick. Although using screen protectors and cases is recommended by many experts, nowadays many people have abandoned them. And they have surprisingly good reasons. Let’s see if the following points justify the risk of carrying around a bare iPhone. ## **first. Apple is continuously improving the drop resistance of iPhone** Apple has been infamous for using a weak screen. Most smartphones break during drop testing, but iPhones usually crack deeper faster. Hence the need to protect the screen. Apple has made notable improvements in durability in recent years. For example, it released iPhones with Ceramic Shield front glass in 2020. This technology makes the iPhone 12 and newer models better resistant to drops, scratches, and normal wear and tear. Of course, the Ceramic Shield screen will still break. Drop test videos show modern iPhones failing after being dropped from a height of 6 feet. However, it is rare for people to drop a phone this high. ## **2. Some situations cause iPhone to overheat** iPhone tends to heat up quickly. Your device will heat up after watching 4K videos, playing graphics-heavy games, or running GPS applications. Just let your iPhone rest if it shows signs of overheating. However, there are some cases where the phone gets hot due to an external impact, for example your phone case. Thick phone case retains heat. Not only will your device heat up faster, but it will also cool down much longer. For safety purposes, an overheating iPhone will automatically stop charging and display a Charging message. You’ll need to wait for your iPhone to cool down before charging it again. ## **3. Caseless iPhone is a fashion icon** Many Apple users see naked iPhones as a fashion icon. Trends stem from different beliefs. Some people think the cases look cheap, while others just want to imitate celebrities with naked iPhones. Either way, the trend is surprisingly widespread. Time magazine even wrote about famous wealthy figures like Elon Musk and Jay-Z carrying caseless iPhones. They are said to exude “secret wealth”. ## **4. iPhone without a case looks aesthetically pleasing** iPhone has a beautiful design. Users are so obsessed with the glossy finish and sharp, clear edges of the device, that they will ignore circumstances that could damage this device case. For them, aesthetics is more important than preservation. ## **5. Consumers upgrade their iPhones more often** Most consumers today upgrade their phones on a regular basis. They have little incentive to invest in long-term equipment protection. A longitudinal study by SlashGear found that 55.47% of smartphone users buy a new device every 2 to 3 years. Others even upgrade every year. ***Should you risk taking your iPhone bare?*** You should just remove the case and screen protector of your phone at home. Using a bare iPhone in crowded, busy public places is potentially too risky. So it’s best to feel comfortable using it first and weigh the pros and cons before committing entirely to a bare iPhone. Keep in mind that phone cases and screen protectors have a number of advantages such as, besides minimizing drops, cases and screen protectors repel dust, improve grip, and prevent cracking. So don’t give them up completely.



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