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Why should we rest and take time to learn from this moment

Hello everyone in the group. And I’m grateful to you, Nguyen Ba Vuong, for giving unconditionally. I’m also grateful to all the post owners who shared in the group. There is enough experiential knowledge that beginners can learn to prepare for the next uptren A lot of people in our group missed the last wave, right? Even the boss ryan thinks the game has changed. Why do I advise everyone to take a break during this period and spend time learning to be introspective rather than going in and out and then swinging to the top. Then psychology and then cut losses. When Btc was at the peak of 25 and 26 k before returning to the 19 k zone, everyone thought that btc would collapse when family members posted from Facebook to tw . And the house has pumped a circuit from 19 to 28 k dizzy. We are just fish in the financial market. In the big resistance areas is the game of big players like funds, big banks, their assets are many and they also fight each other to knock each other down. Take a break to practice your emotions not to enter orders. Too much leads to trading addiction. All habits that lead to failure take time to correct. Sometimes it’s not too late for us to stand and watch them fight. At this point, everyone is injured and can’t be healthy like us. Only people who run out of money leave the market. The market will stay the same. Predicting an up or down doesn’t make you win in the market. If you’re right once, sooner or later you’ll be wrong. Take time for yourself. Look back and write down all the trading emotions from future to spor . Write down your goals and plans and write down the scenario in a bull market or a bear market. Money is still an opportunity. Only running out of money is the end of the opportunity to do it again Just be yourself everyone, riches and money when you have enough inner strength will come on their own. There are quite a few scams in the group. Remember your money is your own responsibility Don’t trust whoever you are, wish everyone uptren season to win xnxx fortune and train myself every day)

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