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Windows 10 Deadline

**22H2 is the final version of Windows 10 and all support for this operating system will also end in 2025.** In its latest announcement on April 27, Microsoft announced that the version has been completed. the last update for Windows 10. Windows 10 22H2 is the current version and will also be the final version of Windows 10 operating system. However, Microsoft is committed to still releasing monthly security patches until October 14, 2025. “Long-Term Servicing Editions (LTSCs) will remain available for the rest of the lifecycle,” Microsoft said. This means that this version will not receive feature updates as often as before, but only security updates and bug fixes. According to *Cnet*, if you stop updating new features, Microsoft will encourage users to switch to Windows 11. Users can still use Windows 10 even though the update support period has passed. However, your device will be more susceptible to viruses or vulnerabilities because of the lack of security updates. Windows 11 was announced in October 2021 and officially released to supported devices in May 2022. The technology company has shifted its development focus to Windows 11 with a series of new applications, interface tweaks and a number of other improvements. After 1.5 years of launching Windows 11, it is understandable that Microsoft has set the final date of the old Windows 10 operating system, which has been released since 2015. According to *Ars Technica*, Microsoft’s announcement of the death of Windows 10 is not surprising to users. So far, Microsoft has not released a full summary of the outstanding features (release notes) of Windows 10 22H2. Instead, they focus on Windows 11 and upgrade the system software. The death of Windows 10 also means that devices that do not meet the Windows 11 minimum system will not be able to receive official security updates from the company. They will have to switch to using pirated versions of Windows 11 or install alternative operating systems such as ChromeOS Flex, Linux… Product manager Jason Leznek said the next LTSC version of Windows 11 will be released soon. by the second half of 2024. Users of this version will receive security updates later than regular versions of Windows. LTSC is often used by IT managers to avoid frequent operating system updates. Regular users will get Windows 11 23H2 in the second half of this year, Leznek revealed. Earlier, Microsoft announced that it would stop selling online copyrights for Windows 10 Home and Pro versions from January 31. Windows 10 was released in July 2015, focusing on responsiveness and quick updates. This operating system improved Windows 8, which was heavily criticized for removing the Start button, focusing on the touch interface. According to *The Verge*, Windows 10 is also the first operating system from Microsoft to be delivered as a service with annual updates. There was a time when Windows 10 was said to be the “final version of Windows”.



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