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Windows 11 update slows down PC, connection errors and login problems

# **Windows 11 Update Slows PCs, Connection Errors, and Login Problems** **Microsoft just released a cumulative update as part of its monthly Patch Tuesday for Windows, including Windows 11. However, this update is said to be buggy.** According to the latest report, the Patch Tuesday update not only brings fixes for more than 100 vulnerabilities and new features to Windows 11 Moment 3 but also caused many problems. The main complaints coming from Windows 11 22H2 users who installed update KB5028185 are slow performance, internet connection errors, and login issues. In addition, the update did not resolve the issue that caused the SSD to slow down and continue to annoy users. One of the complaints on Reddit said: “KB5028185 is garbage. Thanks to this update, my reboot and boot times have increased dramatically, the welcome screen hangs for 17 seconds, while before it lasted about 4.5 seconds. The shutdown time is also longer. Another user commented, “Why do all my games and apps start to slow down so much after an update?”, and another said, “Me too. Can’t believe how terrible the performance is. I uninstalled the update and everything is fine. I hate how Microsoft keeps forcing you to install such broken updates on Windows 10/11. I never had this problem with Windows 7/8.” According to another complaint posted, “Has anyone else experienced the fact that their computer ‘bulges’ a lot after an update? Everything was working fine last night, got the updates this morning, took 4 hours to download/install the updates, another 45 minutes to install properly after 2 reboots and it is now 4 hours after the reboot is complete, everything is still very slow.” In addition to the performance drop, users have complained of interruptions in both Wi-Fi (wireless) and Ethernet (wired) connections. One example of such a complaint says: “My computer is no longer connected to the internet. No wifi or ethernet. And my firewall can’t start. Before doing this update, everything was fine.” Another major glitch has to do with login issues. Simply put, the user cannot login, the operating system does not show the login panel, and the user cannot enter the password. As a temporary measure, users can completely uninstall KB5028185. However, they would then be left with all the vulnerabilities that Microsoft fixed upon release.



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