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Windows users forced to see Bing ads when loading Chrome

# **Windows users forced to see Bing ads when loading Chrome** **Microsoft’s Edge browser shows a long Bing AI trailer when users want to search for a competitor’s Chrome browser.** *The Verge* writer Sean Hollister intends to load the Chrome browser on a new computer on June 7. Like many other Chrome users on Windows, he had to go to the built-in Windows browser, Edge, to search for “Chrome”. However, unlike normal search results, Microsoft’s browser is filled with an interface similar to a chat window (GPT-4) ( dua-tren-gpt-4-duoc-cho-dung-toan-cau-4601214.html). In which, the answer results are the introduction of features of the Bing search engine such as AI chat, which 100 million people use every day. There are not any search results about Chrome as users want. According to Hollister, although similar to the chat interface with AI, the content remains the same in different searches, indicating that this is just a ready-made advertisement of (Microsoft)( de/microsoft-1553). He also asked friends from many regions of the world to try searching for Chrome from Microsoft’s browser and all had the same results. “Microsoft created themselves a full-screen ad in the search results page, by faking interaction with the AI,” Hollister said. According to The Verge, this is a “mockery of Microsoft’s AI ambitions”. In an earlier interview, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella once stated that he wanted to improve Edge’s market share by “building a product that can compete in the market and really serve the needs of users”. However, the above action shows that they defy user experience and try to “take Egde where they don’t belong”. *Neowin*, a news site specializing in Microsoft products, also described Microsoft’s actions as “desperately promoting Bing Search in any way possible”. After the article was published, Microsoft removed the ad. The company representative said this was just a behavioral test to improve the customer experience. “These tests are often brief and are not representative of what will be offered to the masses,” the person said. Despite being the default search engine on Windows computers, Microsoft’s Bing still lags far behind in market share compared to Google Search. Hopes for this tool emerged earlier this year, after ChatGPT went viral and Microsoft quickly integrated the same technology into Bing. In March, Microsoft announced that Bing reached ( users per day. This is a huge milestone for Bing, but only a fraction of Google’s. According to Alphabet’s report in 2022, the number of daily Google Search users reached two billion. On average, each Internet user will “Google” 3-4 times per day.



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