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> Hello guys, I’m Phan Dat – Researcher from CPC Capital. Recently, many brothers and sisters have asked me if I should quit my current job to be able to work full-time with crypto, or if students are still studying in the lecture hall, the direction to be able to get themselves a job. What is it like in this crypto field? Then let’s find out how to get a job in this crypto field!! **I, OPPORTUNITY TO WORK IN CRYPTO** ***Opportunity:*** *** Attractive income:** Because this is also in the financial sector, the income is also quite good. higher than the current common ground and in addition to the “hard” salary that people receive every month, the company’s private and trade “bet” also helps people have an additional source of income, even 2-3 times higher than the salary. yours anymore. * **High job opportunities:** Since this is a relatively new industry, the opportunity to get a job is not as competitive as compared to other industries. Currently, in the crypto and blockchain field, there is a “thirst” for human resources, so companies or funds are ready to invite you back with a high salary. * **Flexible in hours:** Most jobs in this field operate on the Internet, so people can choose to come directly to the office or work remotely at home, as long as they can work quality assurance. * **Exposure to expand quality relationships:** Talented people in other fields such as business, they all have a side job and often invest, so crypto is also noticed by them. So when working in this field, people can interact and can learn a lot from them. ***Difficulty:*** **The field is still quite new:** Although the crypto and blockchain market has also developed and existed for more than a decade, it is still a new industry, so There are quite few and limited sources of information and knowledge that we need to learn. * **Good knowledge is required:** Because crypto is a job related mainly to technology and finance, if you want to have a high income, everyone’s knowledge also needs to be good. In addition, additional foreign languages ​​such as English and Chinese are needed. Just like boss Ryan once said “*Financial market, besides knowledge, there are many other factors to succeed*” * **Other risks:** Here are some risks that people can take encountered such as legal problems when getting dirty money, mentally exhausted the position from investor to gambler is very fragile,… **II, JOB WORKS AND WORKING FOUNDATIONS IN THE FIELD CRYPTO** **Job:** This industry is a place where people can develop or start their career in many different directions. Here are the most popular jobs in crypto. ***first. Blockchain Developer*** Blockchain developer supports and builds programs for businesses. This is one of the essentials in the field, and as the biggest corporations start to take an interest in technology, the profession is becoming more and more popular. *→ What does it take to become a developer?* You will have to master all the technology concepts and processes. In addition, you must know basic terms like decentralized, mining, cryptography, smart contract, etc. Programming languages ​​that will help you get into blockchain include C++, C#, Go and JavaScript. The standard language for blockchain programming is Solidity, which allows working with smart contracts on Ethereum. ***2. Designer *** Just like other professions, the interface design of a platform is also extremely necessary. The goal of a designer is to design something that reflects all the unique features of blockchain and is easy and appealing to the user. *→ What does it take to become a Blockchain designer?* To become a blockchain designer, it is imperative that you know graphic design, learn basic UI/UX tools and techniques, and learn to read basic processes. of blockchain. ***3. Project manager*** The main responsibility of the Blockchain project manager is to engage on points ranging from organization-specific business cases for technology to industry experts who provide solutions to the problem. subject. This is similar to a regular project manager, the difference being that blockchain knowledge is required. *→ What to learn to become a Project manager?* To become a Blockchain Project Manager you will need project management experience and when you communicate with experts in the field you will have to know all both technical terms and fundamentals. ***4. Community*** Most crypto companies are crowdfunded, or otherwise community is still important. Because if you do a project, having their support is very important. Some community-related jobs such as Community Manager – Moderator – Customer support: building community channels (such as Telegram, Discord, Twitter, …), actively interacting with mems, listening to feedback from users, proposing solutions Strategies, events to help the community be active, do HOST for AMA sessions. *→ Learn what to do with Community?* In addition to having a basic knowledge of crypto, everyone needs skills to build community channels like Telegram, Discord, Twitter, etc. With mem, listen to feedback from users. Propose strategies and events to help the community be active,… **5. Marketing** Every field has its marketing specifics, so does blockchain. The marketing specialist will promote the technology and platform created by blockchain, so that it is widely used. A project with a good core but weak marketing will not be widely known. *→ What is needed to work in Blockchain marketing?* To work in Blockchain marketing, you must have a degree in marketing or related field. It is important to put yourself in the shoes of the customer to see what they want and need, and marketing also requires a bit of communication experience and creativity. **6. Content writer** Blockchain writer is a content creator related to this field. This content is mainly focused on the average reader, so the purpose of blockchain writer is to create a text that will not be too verbose, full of jargon so that everyone can read and understand its content. *→ Skills required to become a Blockchain writer?* To become a content writer, it is necessary to have good research skills and must have a good critical thinking, know how to analyze and give many perspectives of issue. If you are a newbie, you should focus on a specific area, such as Defi or NFT, then expand on another topic, so it will be easier for you to approach and gradually become better. . **7. Business** Simply put, this is business development. The most common position in this field is business development manager. BDM deals with the management and business direction of an organization. In addition, some related jobs in business such as: * HR – recruiting personnel * Accounting – calculating, cost statistics * Sales – communicating, bringing sales to the company * → Necessary things to work related to Business.* Due to a lot of exposure, it is necessary to be good at communication and proficient in office tools. Expanding a good network of connections,… **Job search platform:** Here are some platforms on fb and websites that people look for jobs, please refer to: *→ * Facebook Group Assembly: (Blockchain Job Opportunity )( ​​JOB (DEV, BD, CM, RESEARCH, CONTENT, SHILL) )(https://www. Blockchain – Crypto Jobs )( Marketing Real Chien)( groups/cryptomarketing.thucchien/) *→ *Other Platforms: (Crypto Jobs)( career ). =IwAR1glFkrAXJjuZrkPojJBAT76HCZTSxHVuebZLgpZbfDRdsZT_HvJ9U-1AA) (Daily Ape HR)( mE) (Crypto Job List)( ) **III, EXPERIENCE** Let’s talk about the fate of my journey to crypto as follows: Initially, I studied mechatronics and drawing but after taking the final year tuition fee “swinging” LTC, started to fall in love with crypto. My first job was shiller for projects (search on the above FB groups, I used to find jobs there that are suitable for students to cover their lives and deeply participate in crypto), in general it is also enough to live on. After that, I gradually got to know Ryan’s group. Initially, thanks to the recap of boss Ryan’s live, then it was made a mod, thanks to the reputation of boss Ryan, many people know about it and quite a few people invite it to work. Thanks to this group, I had a lot of opportunities for myself and got to know a lot of people before me. For students who are intending to join this market, just do it because as I mentioned above it is quite new, less competitive and has good income. To start a career in crypto, you can join to apply for an internship for community funds to gain experience, then build social networking channels such as Twitter, Fb, participate in sharing in groups, gradually. Many people know and opportunities will find you. Use your strengths if you are good at research, then be a researcher, not try to force yourself to be a trader. Should be enthusiastic to share and help others, always humbly listen to learn the opposite opinions of others. In addition, you should remember to work hard at meetup events such as “Finding the holy grail in the downtrend” of HC Capital or recently GM VietNam Blockchain organized by C68, there are many idols in the industry that you can learn from. and may be lucky to find a job. Later, if you choose to work at a company, you should choose the following criteria (for me, I only need 1 of the following 4 criteria to be accepted to work.): 1, *** Good boss * ** (currently, I’m working for a talented young, talented 2k2 boss with great potential in the future) 2, ***Good working environment*** (can help people develop themselves) ) 3,*** High salary*** (of course =)) ) 4, Create yourself ***quality relationship*** (very necessary for later) * As for you guys Currently having a main job and wondering whether to full time crypto or not? This is a rather difficult question to answer, but in my opinion it is not advisable, just do your current main job and consider crypto as a side job to earn extra money. Most of these guys’ inclination is to study technical development first, but as far as I can see, most funds and crypto companies rarely hire traders, most hire only researchers or available skills from the careers that I have listed above. . So, if you are full-time crypto, there is a high chance that you will work independently. Also, if you change majors, I think it’s quite risky, you should consider carefully. As for the specific investment and investment strategy, when you consider crypto as a side business, maybe I will post it later. P/s: Whether you work in crypto or not, everyone should study hard like HULK in the picture to achieve the best results!! HULK learn PTKT here: (HOU CRYPTO )(

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