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Wykoff’s Rule of Money – 3rd Row:

“When Big Hand is collecting goods, the price will never increase” The price will be continuously kicked, forcing people to release goods, making it easier for big hands to collect goods. Although Wintermute it brought goods (ARB tokens) to binance to prepare for it to pump. But we have to wait for it to collect goods before we scoop it up to share it with it. Now it’s collecting, but it’s going to pick up early. Watch out. “Update on ARB onchain. Another Wintermute wallet address 0xdbf5e9c5206d0db70a90108bf936da60221dc080 has accumulated ARB over the past 48 hours from Okx, Bybit, Kucoin Balance currently: 27,361,618.6 ARB (~33.1m$)”.

Source: Collector



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