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X32 times in 6 months, Modular Blockchain is not just a model for cake projects.

. . . #Monolithic #Blockchain: is the name people give to men who pursue “perfectionism”, “weigh everything alone”. For this type, a blockchain must both authenticate information, expand, and ensure the validity and consistency of information. This is the way most blockchains work today: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smartchain, Solana, etc. It is also because of the workaholic style, too much gossip and the mindset of “I have to do it all myself to be good.” “So these blockchains often do not break the barrier of Blockchain Trilemma, so one is slow + high gas fee (Bitcoin, ETH POW), the other is not really decentralization (Fantom, Solana). – The most stupid thing in life is not knowing you are stupid, the most wrong thing in life is not knowing you are wrong. Recognizing Vitalik Buterin as a true genius, he saw the problem of Ethereum so he improved POW into POS, then released documents and encouraged Sidechains and Layer2 to be born. Thanks to that, the story of Ethereum breaking Block’s Impossible Trilogy is the inevitable future. – However, this method is not the latest, not even the earliest. In fact, the crypto market already has an evolutionary model, still a blockchain, but it is equal to the SUM of Ethereum + Layer2, which is the Moduler Blockchain. “Modular Blockchain = Layer1 + Layer2” – According to Modularism, a blockchain has many layers, each layer will optimize its task: Execution layer only needs to verify transaction information, Centralized consensus layer optimally Optimizing data security and consistency (still doing but doing more). . . . 1️⃣ Why is Modular a progressive model? – – A car manufacturing company does not manufacture every vehicle part in one facility. Instead, parts ranging from the engine to the tires and the steering wheel are manufactured in separate locations, where teams of experts can design them before shipping the parts to a central facility. to assemble them into cars. – If all parts are manufactured in a single facility, then the facility will not only have to be massive, but also incur significant costs to maintain the infrastructure and pay the employees who perform multiple tasks. mission. – The lack of specialization between teams will lead to lower quality results and in the event of an increase in auto orders, the facility will not be able to scale to meet this demand due to lack of space or Human. – Another example is the story of hands, feet, ears, eyes and mouth. Each man needs to focus on doing his job well and unite together to maintain a healthy body. – According to this organization, the Assembly Factory will be the main business base and the center, other production workshops are the surrounding satellites. This model is also known by another familiar name: Blockchain Layer 0 (Horizen, Cosmos, Polkadot and Celestia). . . . 2️⃣ Why am I bullish on Linera and not pursuing Celestia? . – Firstly, Modular blockchains divide tasks for each layer, while Linera divides by node. In the Modular way, the implementation layer still has to interact with the consensus layer to verify the information and put the block in the Merkle tree. And Linera doesn’t need it because the guy who authenticates the information is already a Merkle tree (microchain). – Monday. I will adjust it a bit to make it easier for you to understand. Each worker working in Celestia and other Modulars will have a separate capacity (brain) to process and package data, which after completing the work, must still be put into the company’s common warehouse. Each Linera worker still has a brain to process and package data, but this worker’s home is also the company’s warehouse. AE try to imagine, now a company that has a huge warehouse in the city center compared to a company whose warehouse is the house of employees and employees’ houses are scattered throughout the city, who will deliver the goods? faster? Which side is faster to rummage through the inventory each time? Which side ships faster? Which party has a warehouse closer to the place to be delivered? – Third, Celstia pursues the Modular model, this model has Cosmos done too well, now how to overcome the shadow of Cosmos? And Linera is both new and unique, applying a more progressive approach. If you were me, who would you choose? . 3️⃣ #CONCLUSION: This is just a short article comparing the organization and management of two businesses. There are many other features that make Linera much better than Celestia and Modular Blockchains (no mempool for example). AE can be found in the Linera whitepaper, the Q&A section in Discord and the project’s telegram, or in the article “Blockchain in Blockchain, Chain in Chain” 1 of the #IMBDAO team.

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