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Xiaomi 13 Pro takes photos far worse than iPhone 14 Pro Max

## **DxOMark has announced the latest photo score results for Xiaomi 13 Pro, showing that this product does not take as good a picture as expected.** According to the results of DxOMark, Xiaomi 13 Pro is ranked at No. 16 overall and 15th in the ultra-premium category. Furthermore, the Xiaomi 13 Pro is ranked 17th in screen quality benchmarks and 15th in speaker performance. Xiaomi 13 Pro takes pictures far behind the iPhone 14 Pro Max – 1 However, the main topic discussed is the device’s camera performance. The product scored 132 out of 152. DxOMark gave 118 points for family portraits and group photos, as well as 100 points for low-light photography. According to DxOMark, the overall camera performance of the Xiaomi 13 Pro is extremely good. It has good detail levels, good saturation control, and decent zoom. The device’s recording skills are also very good, although the results also show that it has trouble capturing moments in difficult settings such as backlit or low-light scenes, unable to expose images correctly. in high-contrast situations and not suitable for loud voice recordings such as concerts. They also commented that the device’s screen readability was poor in low light. According to DxOMark, Honor Magic5 Pro is currently the smartphone with the best camera performance, followed by Huawei Mate 50 Pro. Google Pixel 7 Pro ranked third, and iPhone 14 Pro Max ranked fourth. Also, according to their website, Xiaomi 12S Ultra and Xiaomi 13 Pro have almost identical performance, with the same score of 136 points and ranked 16th.



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