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Xiaomi launched a 300W charging phone

Xiaomi launched a 300W charging phone: 2 minutes get 50%, 5 minutes full battery.

The race for fast charging capacity seems to have no end.

Just a few months ago, Xiaomi announced the Redmi Note 12 Explorer Edition. The first smartphone on the market with 210W super fast charging and also the fastest charging smartphone at the time. Recently, the Chinese manufacturer continued to demonstrate 300W fast charging technology. Allowing to fully charge the battery to 100% in just 5 minutes of charging. This commercialized on smartphones is promising in the future.

Specifically, the video posted by Xiaomi on the Weibo social network shows a custom Redmi Note 12 Pro + version. Supports 300W fast charging. According to Xiaomi’s description. It will equip the 4100mAh battery for this customized version. Which can charge nearly 50% of the battery with just 2 minutes of plugging in and 100% of the battery in just 5 minutes. Xiaomi says this is “an important milestone in the era of fast charging technology on phones”.

Besides, Xiaomi also confirmed that with this fast charging technology. The device can maintain a maximum charging capacity of 290W for about 2 seconds and 280W for about 2 minutes. In fact, most current fast charging technologies only allow the phone to maintain peak capacity for a very short time. Gradually decrease until the battery is fully charged. To maintain fast charging capacity for a long time, Xiaomi may have to use a separate current management chip.

Xiaomi’s 300W fast charging technology can allow the phone to maintain a high charging capacity for a long time.

The video also shows that the 300W charger that Xiaomi uses is not too big. Maybe only slightly better than the current 210W charger thanks to the application of Double GaN technology. Allowing to shrink the size of the charger, while still retaining high charging speed and effective heat dissipation. In addition, this charger is also applied to d more than 50 safety protection methods during use.

Unfortunately, Xiaomi has not announced the official commercialization time for this 300W fast-charging technology. Currently, the realm GT Neo5 is the smartphone that holds the throne of the world’s fastest-charging smartphone with a capacity of 240W. Allowing it to fully charge the battery in just 9 minutes of charging.



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