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Yeti Airlines crash – the danger of flying in Nepal

Sixty-eight deaths were reported and 4 missing after the flight crash in the Nepal ravine. The rescue workers were unable to help even though they hear the man screaming for help due to the flames, which were too hot to reach in, and the smoke.
Yeti Airlines Flight NYT 691 crashed near the resort town of Pokhara at about 10:50 am local time. Two helicopters and a ground rescue team immediately responded to the scene.
Experts say conditions such as inclement weather, low visibility, and mountainous topography all contribute to Nepal’s reputation as notoriously dangerous for aviation.
The European Union has banned airlines from Nepal from flying into the 27-nation bloc since 2013, citing weak safety standards. In 2017, the International Civil Aviation Organization cited improvements in Nepal’s aviation sector, but the EU continues to demand administrative reforms.
This incident will again raise the question of air travel, especially about Nepal airline’s safety.



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