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You can now text right on the Facebook app! Here’s how to do it

**For a long time to message with people on Facebook, you will message through another application, Messenger. But in a recent version, Meta has updated us to message right on Facebook when (phone)( does not have a Messenger application. Of course, this is just a firefighting option, it will not have enough features like on the Messenger application. But for you to understand better, in the next article, I will show you (how to message on Facebook without Messenger)(, see now.** ## **How ​​to text on Facebook without Messenger** **Step **1: Because this app does not work** because this app does not work when you have this app** ** Get out of your phone first. You can uninstall it in your phone’s settings or long press and uninstall it right on the screen. **Step 2**: Next, maybe this is one of Facebook’s experimental features, so please join Facebook’s experimental program first. Please** find the app right at the top of your app store > scroll down a little to see the pilot program > press the blue Join button > select Join** again to confirm your participation in the program. **Step 3**: Next, **open your Facebook app and click on the messaging icon** in the upper right corner of the screen. Soon you will receive a notification with 2 options: **Chat on Facebook** or download the Messenger app. Please choose **Chat on Facebook**. In the end, it’s just an experience, if it’s just texting, it can still support you well. Wishing you success. If you have any questions or difficulties during the implementation or use, please let me know through the comment section. Don’t forget to share the article if you find it useful. Thank you for reading this article.



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