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Youth group saved thanks to iPhone 14 feature

# ** A group of young people were saved thanks to the iPhone 14 feature** **The iPhone 14’s satellite emergency call system led the rescue team to rescue 10 young pedestrians stranded in California.** According to *9to5Mac*, a group of stranded and missing hikers found help using the satellite communication feature on the iPhone 14. Specifically, the search team and Upper Ojai Rescue in Ventura County, California, USA says a group of 10 hikers used the iPhone 14’s satellite emergency call system to contact their operator. and ask for help. The rescue took place on May 12 when a group of 10 young people aged 16-18 walked about 6 km into the canyon in Santa Paula. After about 3 hours of walking, the group lost their way and got stuck in the rugged area of ​​the canyon. According to the authorities, due to lack of preparation for the hike, the group did not bring food, water, flashlights and other necessary items. Speaking to *NBC*, Ventura County Deputy Sheriff Mackenzie Spears said most members wear T-shirts and shorts when traveling. After realizing they were lost in the trail, the group tried to contact the emergency call center to seek help. However, there wasn’t any mobile signal around the canyon area. Fortunately, among the members of the group, there is a person using an iPhone 14 equipped with an emergency call system via satellite. Thanks to this emergency messaging technology, the team was able to communicate with the operator via text message. The team then shared their location and other details about the current situation. Thanks to the information provided by the team, the rescue team quickly located the 10 missing pedestrians. After arriving, the group of young people were given water, food and lighting equipment by the rescue team before being reunited with their families. “This is our first opportunity to be exposed to new iPhone technology. It was a completely situation-changing factor,” said Bill Slaughter of the rescue team. The system to call for help in case of emergency via satellite is one of the outstanding features of the iPhone 14. Many users are said to have been saved thanks to this emergency message technology from Apple. In December 2022, a satellite emergency messaging system rescued a man in the Alaskan outback after he got lost and sent his locator to the Alaska State Troopers. In 2022, Apple becomes the first tech company to offer satellite messaging capabilities to its devices. Until this year, other companies are poised to jump into the fray with Apple, turning satellite messaging into a “new frontier” for smartphones, according to *Cnet*.



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