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YouTube is about to have a quick video feature

**YouTube is testing an easy way to speed up video playback and will roll out soon on August 13th.** According to *9to5Google*, a new test by (YouTube)( -puth-tu-giong-ca-vo-danh-tren-youtube-den-sieu-sao-ti-view-185230707015152259.htm) is to play video at 2x speed after user long press on any where on the screen that plays the content. Currently registered users of the Premium account package can experience this feature by going to the upper right corner of the application, selecting Premium benefits, Try new features and clicking the Try it now button under ‘Long press to watch’ at 2x’. Another way is that Premium account users can access the address *(youtube)( -optical-high-185230701150054462.htm).com/new* to activate. If you don’t see this feature in your account or don’t use Premium, you can still play videos at a higher speed using the available ways (tap the gear icon in the player and select the desired speed). YouTube is testing video fast forward feature by tapping and holding A few days ago, (YouTube)( -bi-go-bo-185230630160417719.htm) has allowed paid users to use a feature that helps prevent accidental taps while watching videos. Users have been able to experience the feature until August 5, but can only try out one experimental feature at a time. These are tests the largest online video network runs today to gauge user response to features and get feedback for improvements. Before that, another YouTube feature called Stable Volume is gradually rolling out on devices. While the exact usage of Stable Volume is still unclear, many believe it is designed to keep the volume the same between YouTube videos. Google’s online video platform recently updated its impersonation policy to make it more difficult for accounts that attempt to impersonate popular creators and channels. Under the new policy that went into effect on August 21, YouTube will terminate channels or accounts that attempt to mimic another channel’s profile, background, or overall look.



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