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Hello brothers and sisters of the ***Ryan community and friends***! The current ZKP (Zero-knowledge proof) technology can be said to be one of the very hot topics in the blockchain world today. The idea of ​​ZKP sounds very simple but is also very magical: it allows person A to prove to person B that something is true, but without having to explain to B why it is still convincing. B. Example: You want to apply for a Blockchain developer position at a company Y but your old company X does not allow you to include their on-site work experience in your CV (maybe it’s a project secret). If you use ZKP, you can prove to company Y that you have worked for at least 3 years in a Blockchain dev position in an international company, and you completely meet the requirements of their Jd. . (Many of you will ask, HOW? I can only say that behind that technology are very complex mathematical foundations, if you are interested, you can read more articles and papers of the authors in this article. this field to understand more.) ZKP technology will have 3 basic components as follows: – Prover: a prover will be someone who makes a statement and proves it to be true. In the example above, the prover will be you – a blockchain developer who wants to prove that he has experience in meeting the jd of company Y. – Verifier: is the party that verifies the prover’s claim. . That is, company Y. – Proof: is a type of cryptographic proof that will be generated by the prover to confirm his statement is true, the verifier will re-verify this proof to confirm the prover has slashed. wind or not. In the context of the example, this proof will keep your experience as a blockchain dev at your old companies, company Y looking at the evidence you give will not understand what it is (it looks at it). like a jumble of characters). However, thanks to the pre-installed ZKP system, company Y completely authenticates the proof you send them, and accepts you to continue to the interview round. Thanks to its privacy (revealing nothing but cryptographic proof) and magical authentication, ZKP can do a lot of miracles that have the potential to revolutionize the Blockchain world. I can mention a few examples below: Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BSC, … currently have explorer pages (eg https://etherscan.io/) so we can look up on-chain data: who has how much money, what transactions, … Like brothers and sisters in trading or investing, they often use these public data to track whales. However, this can expose our information to being tracked and at risk of being hacked. Transactions can be traced across all public blockchain networks and combined with centralized exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, etc. to find out your identity. This is extremely dangerous. Zcash and Monera are two cryptocurrencies that have applied ZKP technology to build a private transaction system, to solve the problems I mentioned above. Transactions on these networks are confidential, no one knows what the transactions mean, who is the sender and receiver, does not know the amount of the transaction, etc. Both are operated according to the predetermined protocol and users can transact completely without revealing information. In addition, currently, ZKP is being used in a number of applications in the blockchain system such as ZK-EVM, ZK-Rollups, … to speed up Ethereum by creating proof of transaction execution. Roughly, instead of each node re-mining the same block to validate, we can pool thousands of transactions and create proof of its execution, the other nodes just need to perform the verification operation. OK, no need to run the block again. This will greatly reduce storage, computation time, operating and transaction costs, etc. for the network. Ok. Those are the most basic ideas about ZKP. I’m sure everyone has a rough idea of ​​it. Now I have a few questions I want to bring up for you to discuss: – With such properties of ZKP, what problems can it be applied to in the real world? And what problems do people expect to be solved with ZKP capabilities? – Before ZKP technology is perfected and widely adopted, what challenges will it face and how can we solve it? Thank you so much for reading my post today! In the near future, I will launch a series about ZKP on VBI Academy’s channel so that you can learn about ZKP from basic to advanced (concepts, protocols, settings, …) as well as analyze the application of ZKP in blockchain projects. Remember to watch it everyone. Finally, have a nice day everyone! #thao_luan #zero_knowledge_proof #zkp #zk

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