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ZK in an easy to understand way for everyone! You don’t need to know the code to understand

.*** Another difference ZK-Snark and ZK-Stark + Explains why Zk-Stark is not in the Ethereum roadmap. **Light Start** : Covers the basics. Zk-SNARK: * Initial setup required: Just like you need to prepare a party, Zk-SNARK needs some preparation before use. If someone sneaks around in the process, they can spoil the party (security leak). * Compact proof: Zk-SNARK generates proofs of small size, saving space and time. Zk-STARK: * No initial setup required: Unlike Zk-SNARK, Zk-STARK requires no initial preparation, reducing security risks. * Larger proof: Zk-STARK generates a larger proof that requires more space and time to store and transmit **Differences in initial setup *** Imagine Zk -SNARK and Zk-STARK are two different types of safety locks to keep your home safe.* 1 . Zk-SNARK (lock requires initial setup): * Just like you would hire a professional locksmith to create a unique set of locks for your home, Zk-SNARK requires a worthwhile initial setup process. trusted to generate secret parameters. * However, if the locksmith keeps a copy of the key or confidential information, the security of your home could be at risk. This is the risk associated with the initial setup of Zk-SNARK. 2. Zk-STARK (lock requires no initial setup): * In the case of Zk-STARK, you use a new type of safety lock that does not require a professional locksmith to generate the key. Instead, the lock is designed so that only you can open it and requires no confidential information. * Since no initial setup is required, Zk-STARK eliminates the risk of information leakage due to locksmiths retaining copies of keys. Thus, the difference between Zk-SNARK and Zk-STARK in the initial setup is that Zk-SNARK needs a reliable preparatory process to generate secret parameters, while Zk-STARK works. without secret parameters or initial setup. This helps Zk-STARK avoid the security risk associated with the setup process **Try a little more, almost done r :** Proof difference *Imagine two methods to send an important letter to a friend.* 1. Zk-SNARK (Small Proof): * Zk-SNARK is like sending a letter in a compact envelope. You use a special glue (equivalent to the initial setting) to glue the envelope. This adhesive ensures that only the recipient can open the envelope. * However, if the glue seller keeps a sample of the glue, he or she can open the envelope and read the contents of the letter without anyone knowing. 2. Zk-STARK (Greater Proof): * Zk-STARK is like sending a letter in a larger envelope, using multiple layers of wrapping paper and tape (equivalent to different encryption techniques) . This helps ensure that only the recipient can open the envelope, without the need for special glue. * Due to the use of multiple layers of wrapping paper and adhesive tape, Zk-STARK envelopes are larger in size and take longer to open than Zk-SNARK’s. However, you do not have to worry about the glue seller withholding samples of the glue, because Zk-STARK does not use special glue. Thus, Zk-SNARK and Zk-STARK are like two different ways of sending the letter. Zk-SNARK uses compact envelopes and special adhesives, but there is a risk of intrusion. Meanwhile, Zk-STARK uses a larger envelope and multiple layers of protection, which does not require special glue, but in return the size proves larger and takes longer to process. As can be seen, based on the above differences, Zk-snark seems to be more suitable for the needs of Ethereum. To be able to do many transactions and fast . While Zk-Stark is suitable for those who require more security and safety. Too long ; didn’t read +Zk-snark : Faster , cheaper but less secure +Zk-stark : Safer but slower and more expensive +Ethereum chose snark because snark is suitable for executing many small gds continuously in when starting, the opposite is true _ IDEA : Tui _ Deployment : Gia Pit Tuot – 4 . Save 7749 times the time spent learning to code to understand Stark’s implementation _ Now with chat GPT4, my content creation speed will be even faster than how your ex forgot you./

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