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zkSync confirms Airdrop, confirms token launch in about 1 year. So now should do retro or not?

The answer is yes, and this zkSync bet is extremely potential. But not right now when transaction fees are being pushed up. zkSync is currently due to a large number of fomo people, pushing the number of transactions up, and the fees are also high. About 2-3$/transaction. Moreover, the fact that zkSync Era has only been on mainnet for a few days, so there is no rush. I’m just worried that everyone fomo has been around for a few weeks and then loses patience and then forgets. To do the airdrop, it won’t be too difficult, just interact with the protocols, Bridge back and forth between chains, … For optimal, you should use d/Apps that will have the ability to airdrop like Orbiter, Argent Wallet,… to hit two swallows with one target. In addition, if you want to get a lot of airdrops, you should do it regularly and with a little high volume, maybe do a few more wallets to optimize. ## **Instructions for Airdrop zkSync. Please save it for about 2 more weeks to make it easy.** **1/ **First, please check how many d/Apps have been deployed in zkSync Era’s ecosystem. Link check: ( **2/** Prepare an amount of ETH <100$ in Ethereum network. Use the official zkSync bridge: to bridge from ETH network to zkSync Lite then bridge over zkSync Era. Why did you do that? Because in Arbitrum's role, there was a ticket requesting a bridge from two networks. Some other Bridges: (, **3/ **Interact with active projects of the network such as: * Trustless: https * **SyncSwap: ** * * SpaceFi: * Mes Protocol: * Zigzag: ( How is the interaction? You just need to swap and add LQ and you'll be fine. Each transaction a little, according to each person's budget. Remember to do it regularly. **4/ **Some More Activities ** **Mint NFT on zkSync Lite: ( nft/) Complete the Crew3 zkSync: ( Here are some basic tutorials, basic but I think it is full for everyone and I think it will be suitable for those of you who have done airdrop before. I will make a more detailed post with a video if many new people are interested but still don't understand or don't know how to do it. Thanks everyone, have a great weekend.

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